The horrors (and joys) of the 24-hour queue to get into Comic Con's infamous "Hall H."

If you’re familiar with San Diego Comic-Con lore, then the phrase “Hall H” probably strikes a sense of awe and terror into your heart. If not, then the simplest explanation is that when you see photos of people sleeping on the floor at Comic-Con, it’s probably because they’re queueing for Hall H.

Hall H is the biggest theatre at SDCC, and it’s where all the major movie panels take place. For the past few years, the evening timeslot has been dominated by Marvel Studios, leading to iconic moments like the unveiling of the Avengers cast, or Tom Hiddleston showing up to give a speech in-character as Loki.
Last year, more than 130,000 people went to SDCC, and the queue for Hall H was estimated to be more than a mile long. 
The Hall H queue has become such an infamously marathon-like exercise that managing to get inside the hall itself is considered an impressive feat.


(Source: hellotailor, via dailydot)

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